Our team of construction and real estate professionals are here to help you with everything from general contractor services, remodeling, project management, and construction consulting. This allows us to help you from the beginning to end of any project. 

We specialize in real estate investment in the South Florida, Miami-Dade, and Fort Lauderdale area,
as well as Brazil and Argentina. No job is too big or too small for us. 

We also handle residential and commercial sales/rentals through our in-house brokerage firm Cap Realty.


General Contractor

Construction and remodeling a residential or commercial property can be very daunting. Having a General Contractor that you can trust and lean on is essential. We provided General Contractor services for all size projects, from large building construction to home remodels.  

THE CAP GROUP can cover all construction, permits, and  project management needs depending on what your project requires.

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Construction AND Remodel Management

Whether you live in Miami, FL and are looking for someone to manage your remodel, or you live afar and have an investment property that needs work we can help you manage your construction or remodel.

As your one stop shop for real estate needs we can help you manage your project as well as offer you General Contractor and Realtor services. We operate in the Miami-Dade and Fort Lauderdale areas of South Florida.  

Construction Consulting

The South Florida real estate market is a special one. It is booming, it is composed of international investors, and it sits on the border of Latin America and the United States. At THE CAP GROUP we understand the dynamics of this complex market and are here to help provide you with any construction consulting needs you may encounter. 

We serve the Miami- Dade market, including Miami Beach, as well as the Fort Lauderdale area. 

Real Estate Transactions

CAP Realty

We provide real estate services through CAP Realty our in house boutique brokerage firm. CAP Realty works with clients to find them the best homes, condos, and investment properties in Miami, Florida and surrounding areas. We work to understand you and your real estate needs. 

For more information on how CAP Realty can help you contact us at (305) 777-1888 or visit our website.

The Cap Group is composed of a team of real estate and construction professionals that bring their expertise and know how together in order to provide you with the most comprehensive services. We have everything from General Contractors, Engineers, Realtors and Appraisers in house.  

Our team is fluent in English, Spanish, and French. This is very useful for international clients who are looking for a team that can bridge the communication gap in the Spanish-centric South Florida market.


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